• What is MyMo?

    MyMo is the new platform to capture an event from multiple perspectives, create great playlists to share and to store.

  • Why should we use MyMo?

    Because MyMo let’s you to create great event videos easily, stores them for you and allows you to re-create and re-export as many playlists as you wish. You get to re-live the event through the eyes of the guests.

  • Why only videos?

    We believe that video is the best medium to re-live the good memories. Only in videos, you see, you hear and you feel the emotions. Only through videos, you can get as close as to the reality of your memories. Only with MyMo’s multiple perspective videos, you have the chance to see your memories from 360 degrees. You can’t get any of these with photos or texts.

  • Why MyMo?

    Because MyMo is fun, cool and personal. It’s totally different than a professional event video, you get to re-live the event through the eyes of the guests, and can create your event playlists as you wish and share them with whomever you want.

  • How is MyMo different than a professional event video?

    MyMo is different! It’s personal because it let’s you to create your playlists as you wish. It’s genuine as it works with user generated clips. It’s social as it let’s you to share your playlists with your guests and friends. And it’s cooler because it gives you the chance to see your event from multiple perspectives.

  • How much does MyMo cost?

    MyMo offers different packages. From 9€ a month up to 299€ per event.

  • What do we get with MyMo event package?

    You get a free iOS and Android app for all the guests and friends to record and upload short clips to your event. You get a web platform where the clips can be collected, viewed and managed. You get unlimited playlists to create, share and export. And you get some of your favourite playlists saved in MyMo for good.

  • Which smartphones are compatible with MyMo?

    MyMo is available on iPhone (iOS 6.0+) and Android (4.0+). You can find it under the name JoinMyMo.

  • How does it work?

    It’s very easy. You get the MyMo package through our website, create the event, inform the guests and friends. They download the free app and make short clips at the event. MyMo puts together all these guest clips into a timeline and let’s you to create, share and export playlists as you wish.

  • How do we create an event?

    It’s very easy. Login to your dashboard, click on Create, type in the license key that you’ve received after your purchase, validate it with the validate button, type in your event details and click on Create Event.

  • How will be the guests informed about MyMo usage at the event?

    You can use the Invite functionality through the dashboard, where the guests will receive an introductory MyMo email with the unique eventkey and all the necessary infos and links.

  • How do the guests and friends begin using MyMo?

    They simply download the free app from the App Store/Google Play, register themselves and access the event with the provided eventkey and start recording and uploading.

  • What kind of clips can be uploaded to MyMo?

    To give you the best possible MyMo experience, we only accept clips which are recorded in HD quality, landscape mode and are less than 15seconds.

  • Is there a limit to the number of clips that can be uploaded?

    Yes there is a limit which varies from the package you bought. With an upper limit of 500 clips that comes with the wedding package. From these you will be creating your playlists, just let your creativity free and start browsing around the clips.

  • How is the playlist creation, export and share concept work?

    All the clips that have been uploaded will be saved in MyMo for you to use and make playlists out of them. After the upload time expires you can’t add new clips any more, but you can create new playlists to share and export with the existing clips. You can have up to 10 playlists saved in your event (varies form the package you bought).

  • How do the guests view the playlists?

    Guests have two options to view the playlists.They could either instantly check limited playlists through their mobile apps, or they could join the event through their web dashboard, and check full playlists. But in both cases, guests are only allowed to view the playlists, they will not be able to create or export playlists.

  • Can the playlists be shared to other social networks?

    Yes of course! You only have to export the playlists you want to share, once exported, you can do whatever you want with them.

  • What happens when our package expires?

    1 month after the event date (*MyMo package starting date), MyMo will not accept any more new videos. But all those 500 uploaded clips and created playlists will stay there safely. Everybody with the event key will have view-access to them. Whereas the organizer can continue editing existing playlists, creating new ones and exporting them out.

  • Can we use MyMo for more than one event?

    No, every MyMo event is for one time use! For a new event, you need to get another MyMo event package. If you want to get another package, please click here.

  • What if there is little-to-no cell or wifi coverage at the event location?

    No worries, you just keep enjoying the event and keep recording with your smartphones and don’t forget to upload the clips later on when you have internet connection.

  • Will the event show up in search engines?

    No, we can assure you that none of your private event content on MyMo will show up in public searches. But of course, you should always keep in mind that we can’t control and can’t be held responsible for what the guests are doing with their own recordings at the event.

  • How do we sign up?