The perfect package to capture your trips and relive your experiences accross the world.


  • A life-long present
  • It’s fun, emotional and special
  • “Once in a lifetime” captured to last forever
  • Happiest moments turned into happiest memories
  • The only real chance to re-live the day
  • And no other present can beat that up.
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-agenda” layout=”large-left-top” title=”PURCHASE & CREATE THE EVENT”]Get a MyMo Package, create the event and start your MyMo journey.[/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-email” layout=”large-left-top” title=”INFORM FRIENDS & FAMILY”]With one click inform the friends & family about the MyMo usage at the event and what they have to do.[/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-mobile” layout=”large-left-top” title=”CAPTURE & ENJOY “THE MOMENTS”!”]Enjoy the event to the max, don’t forget to capture the good moments. Upload your clips instantly or as soon as you have internet![/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-control-forward” layout=”large-left-top” title=”CREATE PLAYLISTS”]Browse around all the collected clips, choose your favorites and create different playlists to re-enjoy the event in the best way possible.[/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-heart” layout=”large-left-top” title=”SURPRISE SOMEBODY”]Give the best present! The best moments turned into life-long memories! No other present can beat that up.[/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-new-window” layout=”large-left-top” title=”SHARE IT”]Open up the event clips and the created playlists to your guests, to your friends & family and even to the ones who couldn’t make it to the event.[/foundry_icon_box]
MyMo can be used for any event or occasion. It works with friends who share, record and upload the moments.
[foundry_pricing_table amount=”99€” button_text=”” layout=”boxed” title=”Travel” small=”1 week package”]

  • Free for all friends/guests
  • Limit of 100 clips
  • 10 playlists
  • Privately share your videos
  • Unlimited export
  • Free iOS and Android app
  • Web platform to manage